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We wrap vehicles; wrap cars, wrap trucks, wrap suv, wrap vans, wrap trailers - daily, nationwide! They turn ordinary vehicles into mobile billboards displaying ads all over repeatedly. And train people (companies) to wrap vehicles but we get a lot of people to our site asking about the free car programs. So here is the car ads info......

If you own a business or product (whether you own vehicles to wrap or not) and want to gear up your marketing click here to have us contact you about getting your ads on the streets with wraps.

People wanting to wrap their cars with someonelses ad.....We provided this list of companies that put you in their directory, list or index of potential vehicles for their advertisers to place their ads on. They all charge a fee one time fee .....some $20 - $50 year. Some even $500 a year or more but we felt they we overcharging for the same service. (We didn't list any companies that charged monthly fee to customers/drivers )  Your chances of getting picked (I would think) would improve if you signed up for all of them, since they all work off different lists and have different sponsors. ( And all the ones we listed have money back guarantees. So if you get picked by one email the others for a refund cause you'll be getting paid to drive already.....unless you have 2 cars!)

You have probably have seen them around your town. You usually need to travel on high visibility road ways or park on main streets. Some companies pick by you car type, some will purchase the vehicle for you, some make payment, some pick by recipients by city, some by gps, some if you use or will demo their products. There are lot of criteria they go by and that is solely up to the sponsor if they pick you. The first one is ours all the rest are affiliates of ours.

Remember: Your chances of getting picked improve if you signed up for all of them, since they all work off different lists and have different sponsors signed up.



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